A promising update for the iPad Pro coming this Fall

Things seem to be changing with the coming iOS 11 update for the iPad Pro. 

Seriously thinking of switching to the iPad Pro after watching what the Beta could handle. New features and capabilities let you get more done more quickly and easily, making your iPad experience even more powerful and personal, and what’s more, iOS 11 makes Apple Pencil for iPad Pro more versatile, powerful, and natural than ever. It’s more useful for all kinds of tasks, such as taking notes, getting work done, or simply being creative.

All in all, it will be a great addition to my workflow on the go. 


10.5-inch iPad Pro (2017) or Surface Pro Gen 5 (2017)

Which one should I pick?

I’ve spent plenty of time reading and watching reviews about both devices. Last week I walked into an Apple Premium Reseller in order to try the iPad pro.

At a Premium Reseller
He liked them a lot. He prefers an iPad Pro to a Surface Pro.

As the time being I am going on using my previous generation Surface Pro. Pretty happy with it.

I think Surface Pro beats iPad Pro because the Surface is better designed/more efficient for productivity work.

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