The English language for global citizenship

Learn 21st century skills in English

Technology is changing our world. Routine knowledge and skills are being automated, digitised and outsourced.

Universities, governments and businesses from around the world have worked together to understand the skills that children will need to succeed in the 21st century.


Learning how to work effectively and respectfully with other people is an important life skill. Collaborative activities are also excellent for English language learners because they encourage speaking and listening skills.


Responsibility is about encouraging children to make a difference to the world in which they live. Children learn that they can inspire and motivate others when they lead by example.

Critical thinking

Critical thinking is about having logical reasons and evidence for your conclusions. It is an important skill in academic subjects and for everyday decision-making.


We often focus on analytical, logical thinking. However, imaginative and creative thinking – the process of playing with ideas and being open to new possibilities – has been just as important in the history of human development and achievement.


We all face problems every day at school, at work and at home. To solve problems, we need to think in both analytical and creative ways. We also need to develop resilience – the ability to handle a challenge, deal with pressure and persist until a problem is resolved.

Initiative and self-direction

Self-direction is about having the motivation to achieve and the discipline to complete tasks to a deadline. Research has found that initiative is even more important for academic success than intelligence.

ICT and information literacy

Children today have access to so many different technologies and so much information. It’s important to teach them how to make the most of it.

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Mehmet Çekin

See Certificate of Recognition here

Mehmet Çekin

Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert
Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert

Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator

Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator
See Certificate of Recognition here